our story


Phantom is an independent contemporary watch brand based in the UK.

Founded in 2014 by watch designer Martin Russell located in The Midlands, the same place where Martin's love for watches began working for watch company Peers Hardy Ltd, followed by working in-house for lifestyle accessories brand Breo. This was where he developed a passion to create a new and unique watch brand.

After registering the Phantom trademark and taking inspiration from modern British design, commenced the development of Collection One - in keeping with his design principles for keeping details clean and not to over complicate.

Phantom began with a brand ethos combining British creativity with contemporary design to create a range of carefully crafted watches that people can enjoy. Each Phantom watch is manufactured using high quality materials to create a seamless design on your wrist for the everyday use.

Collection One is our first watch range, which comprises four intriguing colour editions. During the design process every effort was made to make sure the overall design was looking its very best and fits comfortably on the wrist. This is helped by our hand picked soft Italian leather straps which age beautifully over time.

"Phantom began with me taking inspiration and small details from modern design around the UK and combining this with the latest watch & fashion trends. I wanted to build a unique watch brand which people could relate too and enjoy everyday."

"I initially set out to create a lasting watch design working closely with our watch partner that could be developed over time into different styles and collections to suit the everyday lifestyle. Developing a watch is a delicate and detailed process, which is why the first collection had been worked on and refined for well over a year before entering the market. This was so it looked and felt its very best."